Jabez Burns’ service is better today than it’s ever been. When you need to get a roaster installed or keep it running, you need fast, reliable service.
Jabez Burns delivers.

Remote Technical Assistance

In many cases, our engineers can troubleshoot remotely. Using internet-based technology, we can access your machine online to diagnose and solve problems quickly and efficiently. Remote assistance can save you time and the cost of an on-site visit.

Rebuild 23R Roasters and Recirculation Systems

If you own a Jabez Burns roasting system, you’ve invested in a roaster that is built to last for generations. Our team of engineers and technicians rebuild 23R roasters and recirculation systems at our onsite facility.

On-Site Assistance and Maintenance

If you have an issue that can’t be solved remotely, or if you’d like hands-on support for preventive maintenance, we’ll send a technician to your site.

Customer Service

Need to order a part, request service or have a question answered? Our knowledgeable staff is here to help.


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